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Returns, Repair and Refunds Policy

Laptopbattery NZ is a New Zealand company. We spend a lot of staff time and company resources negotiating supply of components and products. We pay upfront to suppliers for goods we think you want, and sell them with small margins passing the savings on to you.
We try to provide accurate information and offer advice and service on compatibility at time of purchasing. We attempt to get the goods shipped to you in the most efficient and professional way. We like to see happy faces and satisfied customers and are open to comments.
When something is not right or needs returning, we try hard to accommodate this. However there are some conditions which we ask you to meet.
Please check the returns and refunds requirements below.

My laptop is under warranty and it is faulty, what can I do?
Please contact us by email in this situation.
The class of warranty will depend on the individual laptop.
  • If the laptop is Brand New it will have at least 12 Month warranty from the Manufacturer and may have up to 3 years please check detail on each listing and on your invoice.  You should deal directly with them in this situation. 
  • If the Laptop is refurbished there will usually be a 3 month warranty period from the manufacturer, there may be an additional warranty from Laptop Battery NZ. NB this varies with each laptop please check the detail on the listing for more information
  • Ex-lease Laptops are generally covered under Laptop Battery's warranty policy.
For all laptops covered under warranty by Laptop Battery NZ We will repair or replace the laptop in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act. In most cases we offer a loan laptop if parts are required and the repair process is more than a few days. We may also offer to replace your laptop with an equivlent model if the repair process is deamed to complicted or difficult. A Refunds may apply if no other suitable solution can be found. Where manufactuers warranty is finished and product is covered by Laptop Battery NZ the following will apply.
  • Warranty to the end-user customer that products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the duration described on the product description page.
  • Batteries are considered consumables and will be guaranteed to hold charge only.
  • Physical Damage, including water damage of any kind is not covered under warranty.

If I decide I donít want what I bought, can I bring it back?
The return period is seven (7) days from the date of purchase. We accept returns of items when they are brand new and in original condition. To get a refund the product must be either unopened and or unused. It must be packaged in the original, undamaged manufacturer's packaging. If the component is sealed it must be returned in the same condition. Items missing manuals, cables and connectors, and or original packaging may be not accepted for a return or refund. We cannot resell an item that is not in this condition for a new price. Any entitlement to a refund or exchange is void when the component is presented after the return period has expired. A 10% restocking fee is charged to cover staff costs and shipping is not refunded as we still have to pay for it.

But I had to rip the box to get it open? Canít I return it?
Laptopbattery does not accept returned components without the original packaging in original condition and/or missing parts.

I used the Ö. but I realized itís no longer required. Can I return it?
If the item is used briefly by the customer and the customer wishes to return it the component must be returned within seven (7) days from the date of purchase to be entitlement to a refund or exchange. A minimum 35% restocking fee is charged on all returned components. Acceptance is of items that can re-sold in a new condition.
The battery/adapter/screen is not compatible with my laptop, can I exchange it?
Yes, if we said it was compatible and it wasnít. Maybe if you ordered the wrong thing depending on our open / unopen goods policy.
We provide the best info we can on the website. Please check compatibility of an item before purchasing. If in doubt send an email to to confirm or question it.
Screens are particularly sensitive to this issue and it is best to discuss this with us unless you are familiar with what you need. Being a small company and with such a large complex range of items available it is sometimes difficult to have all items up to date with all possible compatibilities. Please ask if yours is not listed, it may still work. If you purchase something that is not compatible it will covered under our unopened or opened goods policies.

Can I return Software?
Laptopbattery does not accept opened software due to copyright regulations. A minimum 25% restocking fee is charged on unopened software.

The laptop came with Windows typeA but I wanted Windows typeB can you fix this?
Laptops are preinstalled with software at the manufacturer. They come licensed for that version of software only. Any change to this is up to Microsoft or the software provider whether or not they will provide a free upgrade / downgrade. Please consider this at time of purchase.

The item I ordered was damaged /stolen what can I do?
Any incident must be reported to the courier company within 24 hours to be able to receive possible compensation or help. Failure to do so warrants the customer taking full responsibility for the component. Please be vigilant about this and contact us immediately. Alternatively you can directly contact either Courier post or Posthaste for Laptops and LCD/LED panels. Start by entering the tracking details you received by email, and then proceed to lodge an inquiry / query.

I need to return the item, Will you send a courier / refund me?
Return shipping of items is a customer expense.

How should I pack / return the item?
It is the responsibility of the customer to return the product in its original condition. Laptopbattery NZ does not take responsibility if the product is returned in a damaged condition. Components at risk of damage from freighting should be bubble wrapped and returned in the original static bags. Failure to do so voids a refund or exchange.

The item is faulty, what can I do?
Please contact us by email and we will assists with this. Some items such as batteries are sometimes problematic when changed and some steps need to be followed to ensure the laptop is properly recognizing the battery. If the item is within the warranty period indicated on the purchase invoice, please help to fill in a Returns form found under HELP > Returns on the webpage.

When can I expect a replacement? Why havenít you sent a replacement?
Maybe we have received it and only half processed it. Please email to check on the status of a return. In general we attempt to get replacements done in 7 days. This is dependent on testing and availability of stock. If the item is out of stock we are dependent on the supplier for this. We would hope to resupply in around 2 weeks. A quick email can often get a result if you have not received a replacement. Please send one if it has been a week or more since you returned an item.

How do I return an item?
Please have the order number ______ and reason for return written clearly on the outside of the package, this will speed up the processing of the return. As a precaution it is advisable to email the order number and a reminder of the reason for the return. It is also advisable to include a tracking number so that the item can be accounted for in transit.

To make a formal return request please use the link below:

Returns request