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Question and Answers for Availability

Question: Is the item I want in stock?
Answer: To check the quantity of any item, please check the quantity panel on the
right side of the item you are viewing. if the quantity is 3 or
less, we highly recommend calling us before you purchase to confirm availability. All
purchases ordered out of stock and paid in full will be put on back order
and sent as soon as new stock arrives.

If you have ordered two or more items and one of them is in stock,
all parts of the invoice will not be released until all items are in stock.

Laptopbattery endeavours to have an accurate stock count of all products at all
times but on occasions there can be minor discrepancies, i.e. the
stock count could be out by one. It is highly recommended that you contact us
first before making a purchase if the stock number is low.
Question: What if the item I want is out of stock?
Answer: The quantity of the product is indicated on the product specifications page just above the price. If the item you wish to purchase is at "0" in stock you should be able to find an ETA of the next arrival
of that product if there is an order in the system.

If you purchase an item that is "0" in stock and the invoice is paid, the item is automatically put on back order and will be sent to you immediately as soon as the new stock arrives.

Please contact us for ETAs or other updates if they are not displayed.

Question and Answers for Cancellations or Alterations

Question: How do I amend, cancel or delete an invoice?
Answer: As long as an invoice is unpaid or not sent, it can be deleted or
amended: log in and select 'my order manager', choose the right invoice,
select the item to be deleted or amended to change.
if all items on the invoice are deleted, this will delete the invoice.
to increase quantity, just change the quanity number
in the quantity field.
After you have amended the invoice to how you need it, press
"confirm order" as this will put your alerations into the system.

Question and Answers for Compatibility

Question: Will this item work on my computer?
Answer: Laptop Battery endeavors to have the most up to date compatibility listings, however as the electrical appliance world is moving so fast we don't always have the compatibility listing you need. 

The best way to find what you require, is to refer to your users manual or to the pre-existing item. From there you can find what you need on our website. If in doubt, call us!

Question and Answers for Deals

Question: How do I get the best deal?
Answer: Laptopbattery is a fully automated online Etailer and so the best
deals can be achieved by signing up online and paying by direct
credit. This method is fast and incures no fees.

Payments by PayPal are quick and convenient but do incure PayPal fees.

Credit card online with DPS incurs a 1.9% surcharge fee (these are bank charges)

Question and Answers for Flash Memory

Question: My Flash memory comes up with an error, what do I do?
Answer: Is this just a regular SD card, or SDHC?
This is important to know as some SD
cameras won't accept SDHC. SDHC is
designed for higher capacity, also
some older style cameras aren't designed
to accept formats of memory that weren't
available when they were created. Some higher
GB SD and CF cards aren't accepted by some cameras.
i.e. a camera may take a 2GB SD card but will
not accept a 4GB version.

Have you tried formating the card? Many cameras
require formating before they can be used.

If in doubt, please refer to your camera manual.

If the card is indeed faulty, by all
means send it back to us.

Question and Answers for General Information

Question: What are your operating hours?
Answer: Laptop Battery NZ LTD is a fully automated online shopping website. Purchases can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone enquiries are best made between 9am to 5:30pm  Mon-Fri. We do not have staff on site at the weekends, so enquiries made at the weekend will be answered on Monday morning. We are also not manned during Public Holidays.

Question and Answers for How do I make an Order?

Question: How do I make an order?
Answer: To make an order, please sign up online and generate an
invoice. (under sign up)

If you pay by credit card (+1.9%) we can have this
product shipped to you the following business morning,
if you pay by direct credit (details found on the invoice),
please use the invoice number as reference to
prevent delays and confusion. We also accept Paypal for speedy service.

Question and Answers for Invoices

Question: I have lost my invoice. How can I make a copy?
Answer: Getting extra invoices are quite easy, just log in and click on the 'My Information' tab. Under the 'My Orders' heading, click the link that refers to the status of your order 'Not Dispatched/Completed' and then click on the invoice number you wish to view.
From here you can view, print or adjust any unpaid invoices.
Question: How do I delete an invoice/cancel my order?
Answer: To delete any unpaid invoices, please login and select the invoice you
wish to delete from the 'My Orders' section of the 'My Information' tab. At the bottom of the invoice click on " Click Here to Edit this Invoice" and delete the item(s) you would like to remove; removing all items from the invoice will delete the invoice in full.

Question and Answers for Location

Question: Do you have a local office in my city?
Answer: Laptop Battery NZ LTD is an online Etailer so all purchases are done through our website and are then shipped out to you from our distribution centre in Christchurch. A limited number of laptops are available from our distribution centre in Auckland; this will be shown on the item listing. We do not have pick up locations anywhere else in the country. All of products are shipped by courier, with most items being delivered overnight. PLEASE NOTE This applies to instock items.

Question and Answers for My Details

Question: How do I change my address?
Answer: To add, change or update your address details, please complete the following steps:

-Log into your account
-Select the 'My Information' tab
-In the grey square on the right hand side, click the link 'change my contact details'
-This will change both your invoice address and default delivery address

It is highly recommended that you update your address before making your order to ensure that your purchase will go to the correct address.

Question and Answers for Ni-cd batteries and Ni-Mh

Question: Is there a difference between ni-cd batteries and ni-mh batteries?
Answer: Quite a few differences.

Nickel-metal-hydride (ni-mh) batteries:
- Charge Faster;
- Hold a charge longer;
- Have far less 'memory effect';
- Last longer;
- But are generally more expensive.

Typically Ni-Cd chargers can not charge Ni-Mh, however Ni-Mh charger can charge both Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd, 

Question and Answers for Payment

Question: How do I pay?
Answer: There are many payment options:

Direct credit to our bank account ; Westpac: Account
No: 03 0814 0292209 000,
(please include your invoice number as
reference to avoid any delays). This shows up in our system the following
morning. This method incurs no fees at all and is highly recommended.
If you wish to speed up this process, we do accept screen shots.

Payment by credit online (DPS) is perhaps the
quickest method, this does incur a 1.9% credit card fee when selected.

Question and Answers for Quotes

Question: How can I get quote?
Answer: To make a quote, first log in to your account (sign up if necessary) and add the item to the shopping cart. At the checkout, press 'confirm order' as if completing the order. Select 'pay by internet banking'. You should then be given a link to your invoice. Print if required.
The invoice will have all charges associated including shipping and GST. If you decide not to go ahead with the order, select the invoice then delete the items or item from the invoice details by clicking on
the red cross icon . The invoice is then deleted from the system.

Question and Answers for Returns

Question: How do return an item?
Answer: A: In the unlikely event of needing to return an item:
Please follow these steps,

How to process a return:

(1)Goto the returns page located here

(2) Once the invoice has been viewed in the order manager, click on "Retn"
(Return) on the far left of the screen and fill in the details required.

(3) the order manager will then issue a RMA number for reference.

(4) Enclose the item in it's original condition in a courier pack . Make sure to enclose the original invoice (or invoice number) and a brief note of the issue and what action you would like taken in the
courier pack. Please write the Invoice number on the outside of the packaging for ease of

(5) Email the courier pack tracking number to This
way the item can be traced if need be. Laptopbattery does not recommend
any other kind of postage.

(6) send the item

Please ensure to follow these return instructions to avoid any delay
If the above steps are not used, the return may be delayed and will take
low priority in the system.
Once received the item will be entered into our system and you will be
notified of it's progress. Laptopbattery NZ Ltd. intends to process
returned items within four days upon receiving the item.

We will investigate the issue and once confirmed it will be acted upon, i.e. Replaced.

It can be sent to
attn: Laptopbattery return for order _________
256 Bower Avenue
North New Brighton
Christchurch 8083
New Zealand

Reason for return; _________


please have the order number ______ and reason for return written clearly on the outside of the package, this will speed up the processing of the return.
Question: What is the return policy?
Answer: If the item we have sent you, is incorrect or does not function in a proper
fashion, please return the item to us. The item must be in it's original
condition and accompanied by the original box or packaging. It must also have some description of the problem and the original order number preferably attached to the outside of the package.
If the item fails during the warranty period, please send it back to be tested for failure,
for repair or to be replaced.

If items are returned for a refund without reasonable cause, Laptopbattery holds
the right to refuse the return or to charge a restocking fee up to the
amount of NZ$30.00 + gst. Or incorrectly ordered items may be exchanged
for another item of equal or greater value, once a balance has been paid. We may refuse to deal with items which are returned with no description of reason for return and or order number accompanying the package.  

Question: What do I do if my order has been damaged in transit by the couriers?
Answer: Please contact us immediately if you believe your order has been damaged in transit. We must notify our carriers within 24 hours if this is the case, and we can not replace your item if you fail to notify us within this period. Usually we will arrange for the couriers to come and collect your item for inspection, and if we have the stock available we will send you a replacement out that day. 

Question and Answers for Shipping

Question: Can I have my order delivered to another address?
Answer: To have your purchase sent to an address other than the invoice address, select 'Add New Shipping Address' on the checkout page. From here you will be able to enter a new shipping address that will be saved to your account.

Once completed, return to the checkout and select the newly saved address from the 'Ship to:' drop down box, and confirm your order.

If you wish for no monetary details to be included on the invoice, please request this in notes at the bottom of the
invoice. This option will also delete our company logo from the invoice logo to be replaced with the "Company Name" details from the invoice address.
Question: When will my item be shipped?
Answer: Orders that are placed and paid before before 2.30pm will be sent out that day. Orders placed after this time will be sent out the following business day. Please note that internet banking payments take 1 business day to clear so orders will be shipped the day this is received into our account.

When the item is packed and sent, an Email will be sent to you with the tracking details. This email includes a link to the Courier's tracking website. The tracking number will not show up on the courier website until the end of the day, usually by the evening.
Question: What are the shipping charges?
Answer: All shipping charges are indicated on the items specifications page. This is the price to all destinations in New Zealand except for RD destinations.
RD destinations are usually two to three dollars or two more.
All shipping prices are displayed on the website including GST and are also displayed on the invoice.
Question: Can I pick up my order?
Answer: Laptopbattery NZ Ltd is currently not doing pickups
Question: Can I nominate another form of shipping?
Answer: All products purchased through Laptopbattery are sent by door-to-door courier. We ship this way for security, traceability, and peace of mind. We are an online Etailer and do not use other shipment methods. We use an overnight service with Courier Post for most items. Some bulkier items such as Laptops and Screens are sent via PBT Couriers, and this is a 1-3 day service depending on which warehouse this item is dispatched from.
Question: Do you provide a same day shipping service?
Answer: Yes, we can do same day shipping. This is done through Pace. Please be aware that same day service can be costly and can often cost more than the item itself.

Prices from Christchurch to:
- Auckland - $133.75
- Wellington -$133.75
- Nelson-$167.50
- Dunedin-$167.50
- Invercargill-$167.50

For prices to other areas call us. Same day costs within Christchurch range from $30-$60, please call for an accurate quote.