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Genuine Asus 19v 4.74a 5.5mm x 2.5mm right angle tip

Our part code (LBN48091)

   RRP $89 $45.00
Quantity in stock 17
Warranty 12 Months
Shipping Time Overnight   
Shipping $ 6.95

Please note that Power Cable is NOT included in the this listing, please purchase power cable seperately, you can find them under the "cable" section in our site, Trademe members please ask for cable to be included if not sure. 

Please Note if you cannot find your particular laptop model listed in the compatible parts list below please be sure to contact us via email.
Contact for this item Shane Van Der Veen.

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Please read the questions and answers for this item.

Questions and answers

Model number is E2242TA. Power 19 volt 1.2a
We need to know the tip/pin size of the adapter. Can''t find it so far. Please try measuring diameter of pin inside and out. maybe 5.5out 2.5mm in ?.Regards Kelvin.
hi I need a 19 volt power supply for LG monitor - any ideas?
Sure should be an easy one just need to know the tip size ie the part goes into the monitor or the monitor Model number..Regards Daniel.
Hi have an EeePC X101CH need a power cord part num AD820MO
Hi, yes this one is ok or you can go for LBN54658. They are the same spec..Regards Kelvin.
I know everything is made in china. Does not mean that a great wall can ever be a toyota though. Cheers
agreed.Regards Kelvin.
Hi there, is this genuine PS or just some generic china stuFF? Sorry but this matters to me.
Hi. This is a replacement one which is generic China stuff. Even the originals are all made in China now though under licence..Regards Kelvin.
Hi, I'm after 6 of these for a School. How long would it take to order them in? Could i get a discount with bulk order? Ta
Hi. I have answered this in the email..Regards Kelvin.
will this fit my asus eee pc 1015bx 19v-1.58A,30w thanks 29/10/2013 9:29:16 p.m.
Yes, this is the one you need.29/10/2013 9:29:16 p.m.
looking for something that will fit an asus ep121, can you help? thanks 17/09/2013 7:33:31 p.m.
Hi, I don't have anything in that tip size at that amperage. All of them are small such as 1.58a which won't be enough. I can order an adapter for this as I see the manufacturer has one available. Let me know if you want one ordered. About 2-3 weeks delay.17/09/2013 7:33:31 p.m.