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Universal Car Adapter 40W Comes with 8 tips for most laptops.

Our part code (LBN41568)

   RRP $69 $39.00
Quantity in stock 8
Warranty 12 Months
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Shipping $ 5.95
Name: 40W Universal Car Charger                          
Input Voltage: DC 12-16Volts                                 
Output Voltage:9.5V-3A,19.5V-2.5A,19V-2A,20V-2A,12V-3A                         
Power:40W Max                                                                     
DC Connector: 8pcs                                                       
DC style:three pins         

A1: 9.5V -F4.8*1.7 FOR ASUS    
A2: 12V -F4.8*1.7 for ASUS          
A3: 10.5V -F 4.8*1.7 for SONY       
A4: 19V -F 4.0*1.7 for HP   
A5: 19V-F 5.5*1.7 for ACER/DELL   
A6: 19V-F 5.5*3.0 for SAMSUNG  
A7: 20V -F 5.5*2.5 for LENOVO         
A8: 19V -F 2.1*0.7 for ASUS   


1. Before using this product, please read the user manual carefully and make sure it is fit for your requirements.
2. An auto DC adapter has a cigarette lighter input plug on one end that is plugged into the cigarette lighter receptacle.
3. Select a suitable tip for your laptop/notebook computer, and connect it with the adapter.
4. Start your laptop/notebook computer. If it can not work normally, please disconnect them immediately.

Any information are subjected to change without prior notice.  

Please note that Power Cable is NOT included in the this listing, please
purchase power cable separately, you can find them under the "cable"
section in our site

Contact for this item Shane Van Der Veen.

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Please read the questions and answers for this item.

Questions and answers

Have lost charger for Sony portable cd/dvd player model no. DVP-FX720 DC9.5v 2A could you tell me if they are still available & price please...might not be worth the effort !!!
Hi. Because this is a 9.v unfortunately we don''t have anything that will suit. You just need a 9.5v with simillar wattage or amperage and the same sized pin. An electronics store with lots of ac power bricks could match it. You may have to go for a universal..Regards Kelvin.
Is this suitable for an Asus f202e-ct063h from dick smith's?
You need LBN52180.Regards Kelvin.
will it work on Lenovo t510 thanks
Hi, no sorry you need 90w and 7.9x5.5 tip. You can try LBN19400 with Pin M.Regards Kelvin.

Compatible Part Numbers:


Compatible Model Numbers:

13-9350Dell XPS 13