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10.1 Inch 1024x600 Matte Grade A+ LED Backlit

Our part code (LBN36469)

   RRP $217.95 $101.95
Backlight: LED
Finish: Matte
Display Type: WSVGA
Manufacturer: HannStar
Resolution: 1024x600pixels
Screen size: 10inchs
Aspect Ratio: 10:6
Data Connector: 30 Pin
Quantity in stock 1
Warranty 3 Months
Shipping Time Overnight   
Shipping $ 10.95

Size: 10.1
Model Number : HSD1001FW1-A00
Resolution : WSVGA (1024*600)
Surface : Anti-Glare
Backlight : LED
Connector : 40 PIN

Contact for this item Shane Van Der Veen.

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Compatible Part Numbers:

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Compatible Model Numbers:

1005PEG-1B1005PG-6BAS 1000 N270/16GC-6A
AS 1000 N270/16GC-6BAS 1000D CE900/80GD-6AAS 1000D CE900/80GD-6B
AS 1000H N270/160GD-4FAS 1000H N270/160GD-4GAS 1000H N270/160GD-6A
AS 1000H N270/160GD-6BAS 1000H N270/80GD-4FAS 1000H N270/80GD-4G
AS 1000H N437/120GD-6AAS 1000H N437/120GD-6BAS 1000H N437/80GD-6B
AS 1000HA N270/160GD-1JAS 1000HA N270/160GD-4FAS 1000HA N270/160GD-4G
AS 1000HA N270/160GD-6AAS 1000HA N270/160GD-6BAS 1000HA N270/160GD-7A
AS 1000HA N270/160GD-7BAS 1000HA N270/250GD-4FAS 1000HA N280/160GD-1J
AS 1000HA N280/160GD-2JAS 1000HA N280/160GD-4GAS 1000HA N280/160GD-6A
AS 1000HA N280/160GD-6BAS 1000HA N280/160GD-7AAS 1000HA N280/160GD-7B
AS 1000HD CE900/160GD-6AAS 1000HD CE900/160GD-6BAS 1000HD CE900/80GD-6A
AS 1000HD CE900/80GD-6BAS 1000HD CM800/160GD-6AAS 1000HD CM800/160GD-6B
AS 1000HE N270/160D-6AAS 1000HE N270/160D-6BAS 1000HE N280/160D-1J
AS 1000HE N280/160D-6AAS 1000HE N280/160D-6BAS 1000HE N280/160D-6C
AS 1000HE N280/160D-6DAS 1000HE N280/160D-6LAS 1000HV N270/160GD-1K
AS 1000HV N280/160D-1LAS 1001HA N270/160D-1AAS 1001HA N270/160D-1B
AS 1001HA N270/250D-1AAS 1001HA N270/250D-1BAS 1001P N450/160D-1A
AS 1001P N450/160D-1BAS 1001P N450/160D-6DAS 1001P N450/160D-6E
AS 1001P N450/250D-1AAS 1001P N450/250D-1BAS 1001P N450/250D-6E
AS 1002H N280/160D-1BAS 1002H N280/160D-1CAS 1002H N280/160D-1D
AS 1002HA N270/160GD-1AAS 1002HA N270/160GD-1BAS 1002HA N270/160GD-2A
AS 1002HA N270/160GD-2BAS 1002HA N280/160GD-2AAS 1002HA N280/160GD-2B
AS 1002HA N280/160GD-2CAS 1002HA N280/250D-2AAS 1005HA N270/160D-6A
AS 1005HA N270/160D-6BAS 1005HA N270/160D-6DAS 1005HA N270/160D-6E
AS 1005HA N270/160D-7DAS 1005HA N270/250D-6AAS 1005HA N270/250D-6B
AS 1005HA N270/250D-6DAS 1005HA N270/250D-6EAS 1005HA N270/250D-7D
AS 1005HA N280/250D-6AAS 1005HA N280/250D-6BAS 1005HA N280/250D-6D
AS 1005HA N280/250D-6EAS 1005HA N280/250D-8BAS 1005P N450/160D-6A
AS 1005P N450/160D-6BAS 1005P N450/160D-6DAS 1005P N450/160D-6E
AS 1005P N450/250D-6AAS 1005P N450/250D-6BAS 1005P N450/250D-6D
AS 1005P N450/250D-6EAS 1005PE N450/160D-6AAS 1005PE N450/160D-6B
AS 1005PE N450/250D-1AAS 1005PE N450/250D-1BAS 1005PE N450/250D-1D
AS 1005PE N450/250D-6AAS 1005PE N450/250D-6BAS 1005PE N450/250D-6D
AS 1005PE N450/250D-6EAS 1005PE N450/320D-6AAS 1005PE N450/320D-6B
AU 1000 N270/40GC-6AAU 1000 N270/40GC-6BAU 1000 N437/24GB-6B
AU 1000 N437/40GC-6AAU 1000 N437/40GC-6BAU 1000 N437/8GB-6B
AU 1000H N270/160GD-4FAU 1000H N270/160GD-4GAU 1000H N270/80GD-6A
AU 1000H N437/80GD-1AAU 1000HA N270/160GD-5GAU 1000HA N270/160GD-6A
AU 1000HA N270/160GD-6BAU 1000HA N270/250GD-4GAU 1000HA N270/250GD-5G
AU 1000HA N270/250GD-6AAU 1000HA N270/250GD-6BAU 1000HD CE900/160GD-6A
AU 1000HD CE900/160GD-6BAU 1000HD CE900/80GD-6AAU 1000HD CE900/80GD-6B
AU 1000HE N280/160D-6AAU 1000HE N280/160D-6BAU 1000HE N280/160D-6D
AU 1000HE N280/160D-6LAU 1001HA N270/160D-1AAU 1001HA N270/160D-1B
AU 1002HA N270/160GD-1AAU 1002HA N270/160GD-2AAU 1002HA N280/160GD-2A
AU 1002SA N270/32GB-1AAU 1005HA N270/160D-6AAU 1005HA N270/160D-6B
AU 1005HA N270/160D-6DAU 1005HA N270/160D-6EAX 1000HA N270/160GD-6B
AX 1000HE N280/160D-6BAX 1001HA N270/160D-1AAX 1001HA N270/160D-1B
AX 1001HA N270/320D-1AAX 1001HA N270/320D-1BAX 1001P N450/160D-1A
AX 1001P N450/160D-1BAX 1002HA N280/160GD-2AAX 1005P N450/250D-6A
AX 1005P N450/250D-6BAX 1005P N450/250D-6DAX 1005P N450/250D-6E
ES 1001HA N270/160D-1BES 1001P N450/160D-1BES 1005HA N270/160D-6A
ES 1005HA N270/160D-6BES 1005HA N270/160D-6DES 1005HA N270/160D-6E
GS 1005HA N270/160D-6BTS 1000H N270/160D-6ATS 1000H N270/160D-6B
TS 1000HA N270/160GD-4GTS 1000HA N270/160GD-6ATS 1000HA N270/160GD-6B
TS 1000HC N270/160D-6ATS 1000HC N270/160D-6BTS 1000HD CE900/120GD-4F
TS 1000HD CE900/120GD-4GTS 1000HD CE900/120GD-6ATS 1000HD CE900/120GD-6B
TS 1000HD CE900/160GD-6BTS 1000HE N270/160D-6BTS 1000HE N280/160D-6A
TS 1000HE N280/160D-6BTS 1000HE N280/160D-6LTS 1000HG N270/160D-6A
TS 1000HG N270/160D-6BTS 1001HA N270/160D-1ATS 1001HA N270/160D-1B
TS 1001HA N270/250D-1ATS 1001HA N270/250D-1BTS 1001HAG N270/160D-1B
TS 1001P N450/160D-1BTS 1001P N450/250D-1BTS 1003HAG N270/160D-1B
TS 1003HAG N270/160D-1DTS 1003HAG N280/160D-1BTS 1003HAG N280/160D-1C
TS 1003HAG N280/160D-1DTS 1005HA N270/160D-6ATS 1005HA N270/160D-6B
TS 1005HA N270/160D-6DTS 1005HA N270/160D-6MTS 1005HA N270/250D-6A
TS 1005HA N270/250D-6DTS 1005HA N270/250D-6MTS 1005HAG N270/160D-6B
TS 1005HAG N270/250D-6ATS 1005HAG N270/250D-6BTX 1002H N270/160D-1B
TX 1002H N270/160D-1DTX 1003HAG N270/160D-1D