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13.3 Inch 16:10 HD LED 1280x800 Glossy Grade A+ for 13.3Inch Apple Macbook Air

Our part code (LBN35779)

   RRP $346.95 $146.95
Backlight: LED
Finish: Glossy
Display Type: WXGA
Manufacturer: AU Optronics
Resolution: 1280x800pixels
Screen size: 13.3inchs
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Data Connector: 30 Pin
Quantity in stock 3
Warranty 3 Months
Shipping Time Overnight   
Shipping $ 10.95
Compatibility: B133EW03

Size: 13.3-inch WideScreen (11.3"x7.1") 

Resolution: WXGA (1280x800) 

Type: Glossy 

Backlight type: LED
Contact for this item Shane Van Der Veen.

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Please read the questions and answers for this item.

Questions and answers

Is this compatible with my LED B133EW01 ? Thanks.
No, I am sorry you need a ccfl one. We only have LED backlit ones available at this size..Regards Kelvin.
Hi - I see it is Model A1369 2/05/2013 11:23:10 p.m.
This question will be answered shortly.....
Hi I have a Mac Book Air 13" 1.7GHZ Intel Core i5 August 2011 the picture runs so I think the LCD screen needs replacing - can you do that, and how much would it cost? I can possibly bring it in to you if you need to see it - if it is worth fixing. thanks 2/05/2013 11:23:09 p.m.
Hi, the part is LBN35779 and the process it not so straight forward or easy. We can maybe suggest someone to help if you weren't willing to try yourself 2/05/2013 11:23:09 p.m.
u have that model or not?? 30/09/2013 2:29:43 p.m.
No we don''t have that in stock. We can get LP133WP1-TJAA for 199.95 2 weeks wait. I would recommend trying to get a full front assembly as this is really a difficult screen to replace without damaging the inverter. .Regards Kelvin.30/09/2013 2:29:43 p.m.
will this fit into macbook air 2011,13" i5 model 30/09/2013 12:37:43 p.m.
No, It is not for 2011 model..Regards Kelvin.30/09/2013 12:37:43 p.m.