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Toshiba Tecra A11-001 Tecra A11-00N PA3788 5200mAH Replacement Battery. PA3788U-1BRS PABAS223 S11 High Quality Samsung Cells

Our part code (LBN52992)

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Warranty 12 Months
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This is a replacement battery for S11-114 A11 PA3788U-1BRS PABAS223 PA3786U-1BRS

It contains high quality Samsung cells allowing it to be standard size but higher charge capacity. This should give it around 20minutes more running time than a 4400 one and with higher quality cells we would expect a longer lifetime. 

Not working with Tecra M11
Contact for this item Shane Van Der Veen.

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Please read the questions and answers for this item.

Questions and answers

Compatible Part Numbers:


Compatible Model Numbers:

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Dynabook Satellite K45 266E/HDXDynabook Satellite K46Dynabook Satellite K46 240E/HD
Dynabook Satellite K46 240E/HDXDynabook Satellite K46 266E/HDDynabook Satellite K46 266E/HDX
Dynabook Satellite L35Dynabook Satellite L35 220C/HDDynabook Satellite L40
Dynabook Satellite L40 213Y/HDDynabook Satellite L40 226Y/HDDynabook Satellite L41
Dynabook Satellite L41 240Y/HDDynabook Satellite L41 266Y/HDDynabook Satellite L45
Dynabook Satellite L45 240E/HDDynabook Satellite L45 240E/HDXDynabook Satellite L45 266E/HD
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Dynabook Satellite PB551CBPN75A51Dynabook Satellite PB551CEBN75A51Dynabook Satellite PB551CFBN75A51
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Dynabook Satellite PB651CBPNKEA51Satellite Pro S500-00MSatellite Pro S500-10E
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Tecra A11-127Tecra A11-128Tecra A11-12F
Tecra A11-12PTecra A11-12QTecra A11-12W
Tecra A11-14JTecra A11-14KTecra A11-14L
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Tecra A11-16RTecra A11-16VTecra A11-16W
Tecra A11-16XTecra A11-16ZTecra A11-17G
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Tecra A11-182Tecra A11-186Tecra A11-18N
Tecra A11-196Tecra A11-197Tecra A11-19E
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Tecra A11-1EHTecra A11-1ETTecra A11-1EV
Tecra A11-1EWTecra A11-1FWTecra A11-1HZ
Tecra A11-1JLTecra A11-1JWTecra A11-1JZ
Tecra A11-EV1Tecra A11-S3510Tecra A11-S3511
Tecra A11-S3512Tecra A11-S3520Tecra A11-S3521
Tecra A11-S3522Tecra A11-S3530Tecra A11-S3531
Tecra A11-S3532Tecra A11-S3540Tecra A11-S3541
Tecra A11-ST3500Tecra A11-ST3501Tecra A11-ST3502
Tecra A11-ST3503Tecra A11-ST3504Tecra A11-W3540
Tecra M11-003Tecra M11-01JTecra M11-01K
Tecra M11-01LTecra M11-01PTecra M11-035
Tecra M11-036Tecra M11-037Tecra M11-04K
Tecra M11-104Tecra M11-107Tecra M11-119
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Tecra M11-17VTecra M11-17WTecra M11-17Z
Tecra M11-OracleTecra M11-S3410Tecra M11-S3411
Tecra M11-S3412Tecra M11-S3420Tecra M11-S3421
Tecra M11-S3422Tecra M11-S3430Tecra M11-S3440
Tecra M11-S3450Tecra M11-ST3501Tecra M11-ST3502
Tecra M11-ST3510Tecra M11-W3421Tecra S11-00Y
Tecra S11-010Tecra S11-011Tecra S11-013
Tecra S11-014Tecra S11-0CPTecra S11-0CQ
Tecra S11-0CRTecra S11-0CSTecra S11-104
Tecra S11-113Tecra S11-114Tecra S11-11G
Tecra S11-11HTecra S11-11PTecra S11-124
Tecra S11-13MTecra S11-14UTecra S11-15G
Tecra S11-15HTecra S11-166Tecra S11-16P
Tecra S11-173Toshiba Dynabook Satellite L35 SeriesToshiba Dynabook Satellite B450/B
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite B451 SeriesToshiba Dynabook Satellite B452/FToshiba Dynabook Satellite B550/B
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite B551/EToshiba Dynabook Satellite B552/FToshiba Dynabook Satellite B650/B
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite B651Toshiba Dynabook Satellite K40 SeriesToshiba Dynabook Satellite K41 Series
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite K45 SeriesToshiba Dynabook Satellite K46 SeriesToshiba Dynabook Satellite L40 Series
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite L41 SeriesToshiba Dynabook Satellite L45 SeriesToshiba Dynabook Satellite L46 Series
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite PB450CJAB75A31Toshiba Dynabook Satellite PB551 SeriesToshiba Dynabook Satellite PXW/57LW
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite PXW59LWToshiba Satellite Pro S500 SeriesToshiba Satellite Pro S750
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