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Qosmio f25/satellite A50/A55 5200mah 10.8v PA3587U-1BAS PA3356U-1BAS

Our part code (LBN45300)

   RRP $100.425 $55.00
Quantity in stock 7
Warranty 12 Months
Shipping Time Overnight   
Shipping $ 6.95
This has high quality Samsung cells in it.

These cells not only provide 5200mah in the same size as the standard but also have longer life and lower failure rates. 




Dimension:206.90 x 40.80 x 20.50mm


We recommend this quality battery
Contact for this item Shane Van Der Veen.

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Please read the questions and answers for this item.

Questions and answers

Do you have a PA3587U-1BAS for a Toshiba Satellite Pro S300?
hi you need LBN51523.Regards Kelvin.

Compatible Part Numbers:


Compatible Model Numbers:

Dynabook Qosmio F20 SeriesDynabook Qosmio F20/370LS1Dynabook Qosmio F20/370LS2
Dynabook Qosmio F20/390LS1Dynabook Qosmio F20/390LS2Dynabook Qosmio F20/470LS
Dynabook Qosmio F20/473LSDynabook Qosmio F20/475LSDynabook Qosmio F20/490LS
Dynabook Qosmio F20/490LSWDynabook Qosmio F20/495LSDynabook Qosmio F20-573LS
Dynabook Qosmio F20-575LSDynabook Qosmio F20-590LSDynabook Satellite K21 186C/W
Dynabook Satellite K21 200E/WDynabook Satellite M10 SeriesDynabook Satellite MX Series
Dynabook Satellite T10 130C/4Dynabook Satellite T10 130C/5Dynabook Satellite T10 150L/4
Dynabook Satellite T10 150L/5Dynabook Satellite T10 SeriesDynabook Satellite T11 130C/4
Dynabook Satellite T11 130C/5Dynabook Satellite T11 160L/4Dynabook Satellite T11 160L/5
Dynabook Satellite T11 SeriesDynabook Satellite T12 140C/4Dynabook Satellite T12 140C/5
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Dynabook Satellite T20 140C/5XDynabook Satellite T20 173L/5Dynabook Satellite T20 173L/5X
Dynabook Satellite T20 SeriesDynabook SS M35 146C/2WDynabook SS M35 166D/2W
Dynabook SS M35 166S/2WDynabook SS M36 166E/2WDynabook SS M36 173C/2W
Dynabook SS M37 166E/2WDynabook SS M37 186C/2WDynabook SS MX 190
Dynabook SS MX 290Dynabook SS MX/25ADynabook SS MX/27A
Dynabook SS MX/370LSDynabook SS MX/390LSDynabook SS MX/395LS
Dynabook SS MX/470LSDynabook SS MX/495LSDynabook TX Series
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Dynabook TX/2515LDSWDynabook TX/2517LDSWDynabook TX/3514CDST
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Qosmio F20-153Qosmio F20-161Qosmio F25 Series
Qosmio F25-AV205Satellite A50 SeriesSatellite A50-101
Satellite A50-105Satellite A50-106Satellite A50-108
Satellite A50-109Satellite A50-111Satellite A50-112
Satellite A50-114Satellite A50-432Satellite A50-492
Satellite A50-493Satellite A50-512Satellite A50-542
Satellite A50-543Satellite A55 SeriesSatellite A55-S106
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Satellite A55-S179Satellite A55-S1791Satellite A55-S306
Satellite A55-S3061Satellite A55-S3062Satellite A55-S3063
Satellite A55-S326Satellite A55-S3261Satellite L510
Satellite Pro S300 seriesSatellite Pro S300-10FSatellite Pro S300-10H
Satellite Pro S300-117Satellite Pro S300-11GSatellite Pro S300-11H
Satellite Pro S300-11RSatellite Pro S300-11TSatellite Pro S300-120
Satellite Pro S300-121Satellite Pro S300-EZ1511Satellite Pro S300-EZ1512
Satellite Pro S300-EZ1513Satellite Pro S300-EZ1514Satellite Pro S300-EZ2501
Satellite Pro S300-EZ2502Satellite Pro S300-EZ2511Satellite Pro S300-EZ2521
Satellite Pro S300M seriesSatellite Pro S300M-EZ2401Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2402
Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2405Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2421Satellite Pro S300M-S1001
Satellite Pro S300M-S2142Satellite Pro S300M-S2403Satellite Pro S300-S1001
Satellite Pro S300-S2503Satellite Pro S300-S2504Satellite Pro U200 Series
Satellite Pro U200-134Satellite U200-160Satellite U200-161
Satellite U200-162Satellite U200-163Satellite U200-170
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Tecra A2 SeriesTecra A2-S119Tecra A2-S139
Tecra A2-S20STTecra A2-S219Tecra A2-S239
Tecra A2-S316Tecra A2-S336Tecra A2-S4372T
Tecra A3X SeriesTecra A3X-102Tecra A3X-165
Tecra A3X-166Tecra A3X-167Tecra A9 Series
Tecra A9-102Tecra A9-10MTecra A9-11M
Tecra A9-127Tecra A9-12HTecra A9-150
Tecra A9-153Tecra A9-50NTecra A9-50Q
Tecra A9-50XTecra A9-51BTecra A9-51E
Tecra A9-51FTecra A9-51GTecra A9-51H
Tecra A9-51STecra A9-51UTecra A9-51V
Tecra A9-S9012XTecra A9-S9013Tecra A9-S9013X
Tecra A9-S9014Tecra A9-S9015XTecra A9-S9016X
Tecra A9-S9017Tecra A9-S9018VTecra A9-S9018X
Tecra A9-S9019VTecra A9-S9019XTecra A9-S9020V
Tecra A9-S9020XTecra A9-S9021VTecra A9-ST9001
Tecra A9-ST9002Tecra M10Tecra M10 series
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Tecra M5-129Tecra M5-132Tecra M5-133
Tecra M5-135Tecra M5-143Tecra M5-292
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Tecra M5-S4332Tecra M5-S4333Tecra M5-S5131
Tecra M5-S5231Tecra M5-S5232Tecra M5-S5331
Tecra M5-S5332Tecra M5-SP721Tecra M5-ST1412
Tecra M5-ST5011Tecra M5-ST5012Tecra M5-ST8112
Tecra M6 SeriesTecra M6-EZ6611Tecra M6-EZ6612
Tecra M6-EZ6711Tecra M6-ST3412Tecra M9
Tecra M9 SeriesTecra M9-104Tecra M9-12C
Tecra M9-12KTecra M9-12LTecra M9-12R
Tecra M9-12STecra M9-136Tecra M9-139
Tecra M9-13ATecra M9-14BTecra M9-14C
Tecra M9-14FTecra M9-14YTecra M9-156
Tecra M9-15ITecra M9-15RTecra M9-15S
Tecra M9-15TTecra M9-169Tecra M9-16F
Tecra M9-16HTecra M9-1B7Tecra M9L-101
Tecra M9L-12CTecra M9L-12KTecra M9L-12T
Tecra M9-S5512XTecra M9-S5513Tecra M9-S5513X
Tecra M9-S5514Tecra M9-S5514 SeriesTecra M9-S5514X
Tecra M9-S5515Tecra M9-S5515XTecra M9-S5516V
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Tecra S10-MN4Tecra S10-MN5Tecra S10-MN7
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Tecra S3-S411TDTecra S4 SeriesTecra S4-105
Tecra S4-10MTecra S4-10NTecra S4-120
Tecra S4-126Tecra S4-127Tecra S4-132
Tecra S4-133Tecra S5 SeriesTecra S5-10X
Tecra S5-11KTecra S5-11S