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Laptop Battery for HP Envy series 5200mAh

Our part code (LBN56364)

   RRP $76.425 $59.00
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Warranty 12 Months
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This is the standard sized replacement battery for  most Envy 17-j000, Envy 17-j110eg,ENVY Leap Motion Series, ENVY M7 Series, Envy TouchSmart 14 Series, Envy TouchSmart 15 Series laptops.
Please check the hp spare number carefully or contact sales for help if unsure.

Check the HP Spare number or contact us if you don't see your model listed. Wrongly ordered products shipping is payable.

Warranty Policy
* All Laptop batteries we sell are Brand New
* We believe that our price Laptop batteries is NZ's lowest price. We are happy to price match all batteries against other NZ Based companies.
* Warranty - We are a NZ based company, all invoiced Laptop batteries have a 12 Months warranty. Purchaser is responsible to return freight to Christchurch were an item is faulty.

Contact for this item Shane Van Der Veen.

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Please read the questions and answers for this item.

Questions and answers

Hello, I have an HP envy 15 laptop, battery model PI06 (710417-001). Will this battery fit my laptop?
Yes it is. LBN56364.Regards Daniel.

Compatible Part Numbers:

710416-001 710417-001709987-001709988-421709988-541
710416-001710417-001  P106H6L38AAH6L38AA#ABB

Compatible Model Numbers:

15-E032AXEnvy 14 SeriesEnvy 14 Touch Series
Envy 14t SeriesEnvy 14z SeriesEnvy 15 Series
Envy 15 Touch SeriesEnvy 15-d000Envy 15-d199
Envy 15-j000Envy 15-j011sgEnvy 15-J013tx
Envy 15-j101tuEnvy 15-J110LAEnvy 15-J110TX
Envy 15-J111TXEnvy 15-J112TXEnvy 15-J118TX
Envy 15-J119TXEnvy 15-J121TXEnvy 15-J123TX
Envy 15-J125TXEnvy 15-J136TXEnvy 15-J140TX
Envy 15-J141TXEnvy 15-J142TXEnvy 15-J143TX
Envy 15-J145TXEnvy 15-J150TXEnvy 15-J151TX
Envy 15-J153TXEnvy 15-J154CAEnvy 15-J154TX
Envy 15-J171NREnvy 15-J175NREnvy 15-J181NR
Envy 15-J185NREnvy 15t SeriesEnvy 15z Series
ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE SeriesENVY 17 Leap Motion SeriesEnvy 17 Series
Envy 17 Touch SeriesEnvy 17-d000Envy 17-j000
Envy 17-j110egEnvy 17t SeriesEnvy 17t-j003
Envy 17z SeriesENVY Leap Motion SeriesENVY M7 Series
Envy TouchSmart 14 SeriesEnvy TouchSmart 14t SeriesEnvy TouchSmart 14z Series
Envy TouchSmart 15 SeriesEnvy TouchSmart 15-j000Envy TouchSmart 15-j099
Envy TouchSmart 15t SeriesEnvy TouchSmart 15z SeriesEnvy TouchSmart 17 Series
Envy TouchSmart 17-j000Envy TouchSmart 17-j099Envy TouchSmart 17t Series
Envy TouchSmart 17z SeriesENVY TouchSmart M7 SeriesEnvy TouchSmart m7-j000
Envy TouchSmart m7-j099ENVY TouchSmart M7t SeriesENVY TouchSmart M7z Series
P1O6Pailion 17-a099Pavilion 14 Series
PAVILION 14-E024TXPavilion 14-E026TXPAVILION 14-E031TX
PAVILION 14-E035TXPavilion 14t SeriesPavilion 14z Series
Pavilion 15 SeriesPavilion 15-a000Pavilion 15-a099
Pavilion 15-e027TXPavilion 15-e028TXPavilion 15-e029TX
Pavilion 15-e052sgPavilion 15-e100Pavilion 15-e199
Pavilion 15-f000Pavilion 15-f099Pavilion 15-j004sa
Pavilion 15t SeriesPavilion 15z SeriesPavilion 17 Series
Pavilion 17-a000Pavilion 17-e020szPavilion 17-e064sf
Pavilion 17-e100Pavilion 17-e199Pavilion 17t Series
Pavilion 17z SeriesPavilion TouchSmart 14 SeriesPavilion TouchSmart 14t Series
Pavilion TouchSmart 14z SeriesPI06TouchSmart 15-j004sa