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Acer BTP-58A1 Aspire 1360 replacement battery 4400mAH

Our part code (LBN51035)

   RRP $89.925 $59.95
Quantity in stock 2
Warranty 12 Months
Shipping Time Overnight   
Shipping $ 5.95



Dimension:273.95 x 73.00 x 21.40 mm

Contact for this item Shane Van Der Veen.

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Please read the questions and answers for this item.

Questions and answers

Compatible Part Numbers:


Compatible Model Numbers:

4047Acer Aspire 1501 SeriesAcer Aspire 1502 Series
ADVENT Series :7036Aspire 1360Aspire 1360LC
Aspire 1362Aspire 1362LCAspire 1362LCi
Aspire 1362LMAspire 1362LMiAspire 1362WLC
Aspire 1362WLCiAspire 1362WLMAspire 1362WLMi
Aspire 1363Aspire 1363LCAspire 1363LCi
Aspire 1363LMiAspire 1363WLCiAspire 1363WLM
Aspire 1363WLMiAspire 1365Aspire 1365LCi
Aspire 1365LMiAspire 1500 SeriesAspire 1520
Aspire 1520LMiAspire 1521Aspire 1521LCi
Aspire 1521LMiAspire 1522LCAspire 1522LMi
Aspire 1522WLMAspire 1522WLMiAspire 1523
Aspire 1523LMiAspire 1523WLMAspire 1523WLMi
Aspire 1524Aspire 1524LMiAspire 1524WLM
Aspire 1524WLMiAspire 1610 SeriesAspire 1610LM
Aspire 1612Aspire 1612LMAspire 1612LMi
Aspire 1613Aspire 1613LCAspire 1613LM
Aspire 1613LMiAspire 1620Aspire 1620LC
Aspire 1620LMiAspire 1621Aspire 1621LC
Aspire 1621LMAspire 1621LMiAspire 1622
Aspire 1622LCAspire 1622LMAspire 1622LMi
Aspire 1622WLMAspire 1622WLMiAspire 1623
Aspire 1623LMAspire 1623LMiAspire 1624
Aspire 1624LMAspire 1624LMiAspire 1624WLM
Aspire 1660Aspire 1660WLMiAspire 1661
Aspire 1661LMAspire 1661LMiAspire 1661WLC
Aspire 1661WLCiAspire 1661WLMAspire 1661WLMi
Aspire 1662Aspire 1662LCAspire 1662LM
Aspire 1662LMiAspire 1662WLMAspire 1662WLMi
Aspire 1663Aspire 1663LMAspire 1663LMi
Aspire 1663WLMAspire 1663WLMiAspire 1664
Aspire 1664LMAspire 1664LMiAspire 1664WLCi
Aspire 1664WLMAspire 1664WLMiAspire 3010 Series
Aspire 5010 SeriesAspire 5012LMiAspire 5012WLMi
Aspire 5014LMiAspire 5014WLMiExtensa 2000 Series
Extensa 2001LCExtensa 2001LMExtensa 2500 Series
Extensa 2501FLCExtensa 2501LCExtensa 2501LM
MD41300MD41700MS2136 Series
MS2143 SeriesTravelMate 2000 SeriesTravelMate 2001
TravelMate 2001FXTravelMate 2001LCTravelMate 2001LCe
TravelMate 2001LCiTravelMate 2001LMTravelMate 2001LMe
TravelMate 2001XCTravelMate 2003TravelMate 2003LC
TravelMate 2003LCeTravelMate 2003LMTravelMate 2003LMe
TravelMate 240 SeriesTravelMate 242FX(MS2138)TravelMate 242LC
TravelMate 242LCiTravelMate 242LMTravelMate 242LMi
TravelMate 242XTravelMate 242XCTravelMate 242XM
TravelMate 243LCTravelMate 243LCHTravelMate 243X
TravelMate 243XHTravelMate 243XiTravelMate 244LCi
TravelMate 244LC-XPPTravelMate 250 SeriesTravelMate 2500 Series
TravelMate 2500LCTravelMate 2501TravelMate 2501LC
TravelMate 2501LCiTravelMate 2501LMTravelMate 2501LMi
TravelMate 2501XCTravelMate 2502TravelMate 2502LC
TravelMate 2502LCiTravelMate 2502LMTravelMate 2502LMi
TravelMate 2503TravelMate 2504TravelMate 2504LC
TravelMate 250LCTravelMate 250LCiTravelMate 250PE
TravelMate 250PEXCTravelMate 252ELCTravelMate 252ELCi
TravelMate 254ELCi